Becoming a driving instructor can be an incredibly rewarding job. You play a key role in helping pupils towards achieving a milestone moment in their life. For learners, completing lessons and gaining their driving licence is an immense achievement that many have been working towards for a considerable number of months.

The role of a driving instructor is a sought-after job and includes several different steps until you become fully qualified. Once you have completed your ADI driving instructor training and are fully qualified, it is your choice as to whether you opt for joining a driving school franchise or, alternatively, starting your own independent driving school.

Why Complete ADI Driving Instructor Training?

Before booking an ADI training course, you must first ensure that you fit a number of different criteria. You must be 21 years of age or older, pass strict DBS checks, have had the full UK driving licence for at least three years and have less than six points on your current licence. Health and fitness tests will also be carried out to ensure that you are in a stable state to handle all situations you may be faced with. Most ADI instructors will then undergo a standards check provided by the government which assesses their skills and ability to teach well.

Many individuals are often unsure whether it is worth ditching their current role to become a driving instructor. If you fit all of the requirements mentioned above but are still sceptical about the job role, then we’ve devised a list of the main benefits of investing into ADI training.

Flexible Hours

There are minimal jobs in which you can choose to work the hours that fit your schedule best with the role of a driving instructor being the primary career path. If over the years you have noticed that the regular 9-5 working day does not utilise your time best, then considering ADI training would be a fantastic recommendation.

Many individuals opt for becoming a driving instructor when they have a young family, as it means their days can be tailored around school hours and they can easily stay at home during school holiday when needed. Flexible hours are also ideal if you have other commitments such as a second job, a hobby you regularly compete competitively in or are, for example, a carer for a friend or family member.

Some driving instructors do opt for the 9-5 schedule as this works best for them, but for most, working outside of these hours brings a lot more income. Pupils are often either in education or work, meaning that they will not be available during these hours. Offering lessons early in the morning and in the evenings will make you appeal to more learners as you will be perfect for accommodating the hours they are available.

driving instructor with young woman

Annual Leave

Working with many other colleagues in a large business or organisation can make booking annual leave a little tricky. It can be hard to find dates that do not conflict with others and will not affect people’s workload. It also means that taking a bigger chunk of time off will leave you with a heavy backlog of tasks to complete.

Whereas, as a driving instructor, you can take as much time off as you please and at any point during the year. You will not have to request annual leave months in advance to ensure that it has been improved, being self-employed allows you to be a little more spontaneous. Of course, there will have to be a limit on the level of spontaneity you have if you have pupils who have booked lessons in advance and are relying on you to provide them with a particular number of hours a week. Always inform pupils of your annual leave in advance as they request to book lessons, so they are aware. Or, if you do take a last-minute trip, ensure that you have discussed and rearranged lessons with all pupils.

annual leave on calendar

You Are Your Own Boss

Many individuals form negative opinions about their current career due to disagreements with line managers and business owners. Sometimes there is simply no alternatives other than leaving the role and looking elsewhere. If you have had years of complying to rules you do not necessarily agree with and would like a little more freedom, then becoming a driving instructor and being your own boss is a welcoming thought.

Being your own boss not only allows you to be more flexible with your working hours and annual leave but also when it comes to setting rules that you deem to be appropriate. You can work on your own terms and put in place a process that you will be successful.

Full Time and Part Time Roles

Whether you are an independent driving instructor or work for a franchise, there will be both part-time and full-time roles available, both of which can be alternated when suits you.

As mentioned previously working as a part-time instructor would be ideal if you regularly compete competitively in a sport which you are passionate about. You will still be able to attend training and travel to all competitions, but with the regular, stable income of teaching on the side.

Many instructors opt for taking ADI training when they have been out of work for a number of years and wish to pursue a new career path. Hours can initially start on a part-time basis while you complete additional training and then build yourself up to full time as you become more confident.

On the other hand, if you are reaching retirement, you could start working full-time to save as much money as possible and then ease yourself out of work by dropping down hours.

happy instructor and pupil

Sociable Role

Essentially, becoming a driving instructor means that you will be spending the entirety of your working day communicating with others and meeting new people. Teaching pupils to drive is an incredibly sociable and satisfying role, you may end up meeting friends for life through merely spending time helping them to pass their test.

Many pupils are likely to be extremely nervous and stressed at the thought of being behind the wheel and in control of a vehicle for the first time, so taking a humorous approach to teaching is an excellent outlook. Not only will pupils feel comfortable and enjoy lessons, but you will have a great day and leave in an excellent mood.

Book ADI Driving Instructor Training Today!

If the points mentioned above sound perfect to you, then do not hesitate from enquiring and booking in for your ADI training. Becoming a driving instructor is a great opportunity and will also be a role that is in high demand. For more information on the legal requirements to become an instructor, take a look at the National Careers Service website!