7.5 Tonne With Trailer Training

By combining two courses in one, you can learn how to operate larger vehicles, along with those with a trailer. Find out more about our 7.5 tonne with trailer training and how we structure courses around you.

7.5 Tonne With Trailer Training Course

Our 7.5 tonne with trailer training course provides drivers with the opportunity to improve their road safety and successfully develop their driving abilities. When learning with Pure Driving, you can be sure that your instructor is approved by DVSA, giving you the confidence in learning the necessary skills to drive a larger vehicle safely.

Courses for 7.5-tonne vehicles with a trailer can be suited to you with 1 or 3-day training. It is a handy, two-in-one course that will allow more flexibility when driving not only larger vehicles but also those with a trailer, offering a sought-after quality when applying for jobs. This training will also enable drivers to extend their opportunities, such as becoming an ambulance driver, making it a worthwhile venture.

During the course, pupils can expect to learn C1+E vehicle safety and how to skilfully perform manoeuvres. These will not only help drivers pass their final examination but also remain confident when handling trickier situations in a larger vehicle.

What Is Included In This Course?

When undertaking training to drive a 7.5-tonne vehicle with a trailer, your instructor will discuss with you the structure of your course. This will differ based on your requirements, experience and the reasoning behind taking the training. For example, if you are hoping to succeed in a specific role after your course, your instructor can allocate a segment to improving the skills that will allow you to progress in this career path.

Although every course will be carried out bespoke to the pupil, there are set topics that will be covered in order to pass your test. These are the following:

  • Full understanding of your driving licence
  • Understanding trailer safety questions
  • Master a range of manoeuvres
  • Understanding safely uncoupling and re-coupling a trailer
  • Learn how to drive a large vehicle with a trailer safely on main roads
  • Understanding how to overcome the heightened blind spots that you will be faced with when driving a larger vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that you book the right course to fit your requirements, we have put together a host of FAQs that offer additional information on our training.

Sharing Excellent Feedback

"Want to say a massive thank you to Dave from Pure Driving for all of his help and patience in getting me through my training and exam. He told me so many handy tips which I found useful not only in my exam but even now when I’m at work driving lorries. If you’re looking for a really knowledgeable, friendly instructor, then I couldn’t recommend Pure Driving more!"