Reputable Advanced Driver Training

At Pure Driving, our aim is to provide tailored and affordable advanced driver training without compromising on the outstanding quality we have built a high reputation for.

Dedicated To Advancing Your Skills

When taking a course with Pure Driving, your dedicated instructor will be passionate about ensuring that you walk away from your training with developed skills and a new level of confidence. As courses are primarily taught on a one-to-one basis, each step can be taken at your own pace, allowing you to ask questions along the way and spend more time on areas that you feel less confident in. Your instructor will not only spend time teaching you new techniques but also run through mock tests, ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared and your chances of passing are maximised.

To ensure the highest level of training, all of our Pure Driving instructors take time to look at advanced planning skills, risk management, driving for better fuel efficiency and advanced vehicle control. These advanced skills will help you to pass any driving test and make lifelong changes to the way you drive.

What Makes Us Different?

Pure Driving is owned and run by David Avery and Anthony Johnson, who together have over 25 years of experience in all of the services available.

David is a RoSPA Gold member, member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, and a DVSA registered ADI and Fleet trainer. He also holds licences to drive and train in all categories of vehicles. David regularly volunteers for RoSPA and IAMs observing drivers as they prepare for advanced level tests as part of his commitment to improving road safety.

Anthony’s skills lie within ADI training. He is considered one of the best driving instructor trainers in Buckinghamshire and, alongside Pure Driving, owns one of the biggest nationwide driving schools. Anthony’s YouTube channel for driving instructor training is also the most popular in the UK, with most videos receiving over 1 million views.

Sharing Excellent Feedback

"After using a previous company and not being completely happy with the risk assessment feedback for my employees, I decided to forward myself for a risk assessment. I soon understood that my employees needed extra training, but it needed to be quality, not quantity. After using Pure Driving and using myself as the guinea pig, I could see a massive difference in the coaching. Since then, Pure Driving has saved me money as my employees require less time with a trainer, but they are still coming out of the sessions having learnt new driving skills and as better drivers."