Minibus Driver Training

We offer two variations of our minibus driver training depending on your requirements; one solely focusing on operating a minibus and another for those who would also like to train in towing a trailer.

D1 Minibus Training

Having the correct category on your driving licence can be an added benefit when it comes down to job hunting. Our D1 minibus training teaches you how to safely drive a minibus with passengers, making you the perfect candidate for a number of roles. During your training, you will be paired with a dedicated DVSA instructor, who will guide you through your course and prepare you for your test. Training will be conducted on a one-to-one basis and include several topics, including:

  • How to understand your driving licence
  • Reverse manoeuver training and practice
  • Vehicle Q&A so you can familiarise yourself with operating a minibus
  • Improving your general driving ability
  • Teaching you how to correctly maintain your speed with a full minibus
  • How to act in the event of an emergency

Choosing The Right Minibus Training Course

Depending on your level of experience, driving confidence and skills, your training will differ, which is why we offer different variations of our minibus training course. This allows more flexibility during training and enables your instructor to tailor your course to your strengths, weaknesses and preferred teaching method.

With this in mind, three different minibus course types will be available. All of which will end with your test but differ based on your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that you are fully prepared for your test, we will always strive to provide you with as much learning resources as possible, including our helpful FAQs!

Sharing Excellent Feedback

"Couldn’t fault the level of training delivered by Pure Driving at all! I was recommended to them by a friend who had nothing but praise for them, and they definitely lived up to my expectations. My instructor was really honest and gave me so much information, which helped me to pass my test the first time!"