Caravan Towing

Our caravan towing courses are carried out on a one-to-one basis with a RoSPA Gold Member driving instructor, who will ensure that training is tailored to you, maximising your chance of passing.

Caravan Towing Course

If you intend on driving a caravan, you are legally required to successfully enrol and complete a caravan towing course. The purpose of the caravan training is to help you understand the importance of maintaining control at all times. The course will show you how to manoeuvre and maintain control of the caravan in awkward and sometimes challenging scenarios.

One of our DVSA training instructors will talk you through the training course itself before discussing what the final caravan driver training test will consist of. We will set a series of small, achievable challenges to help build your confidence throughout the course, making sure that you are aware of how to spot potential hazards with and without the caravan.

What To Expect During Your Caravan Driver Training

Our caravan driver training will prepare you for everything that is included in the final exam. This will typically include all of the following:

  • How to check and understand your licence
  • Learn and understand at least five vehicle safety questions
  • Teach and master the reversing manoeuvre
  • Understand how to uncouple and re-couple a caravan to a towing vehicle
  • Learn how to drive safely on different road types and driving conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of your caravan driver training, it is important to understand the course, its contents and what the final test will consist of. We have prepared a number of useful FAQs that you can use to prepare you for your caravan towing exam.

Sharing Excellent Feedback

"Absolutely thrilled with my experience with Pure Driving! Dave was a fantastic trainer from start to finish, answering all of my questions and offering so much support on the day of my test. I was able to pass my caravan driving test the first time, and since then, I have recommended Pure Driving to any others who have also been really happy with their lessons! "