Ambulance Driver Training

Becoming a paramedic is, by far, one of the most rewarding career paths but does require intense training. Our ambulance driver training will help you to take the first steps to get on the road as a paramedic.

Reputable Ambulance Training

If you intend on becoming a paramedic for your chosen career, then gaining your C1 licence will be one of the non-medical aspects of becoming a qualified paramedic. Our training will provide you with the C1 entitlement on your driving licence, allowing you to drive all frontline emergency ambulances.

All ambulance training with Pure Driving is completed on a one-to-one basis and will teach you how to drive and manoeuvre large vehicles safely. Once you have gained your licence, you will legally be able to operate ambulances between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes, carrying up to eight passengers at once.

During your C1 test, your examiner will run through vehicle safety questions, ask you to perform reversing manoeuvres and assess your overall driving ability. But don’t worry; your instructor will always practice each of these with you during your training to ensure that you are confident ahead of your exam.

Ambulance Training Course Requirements

Before you can take your ambulance training courses, there are a few requirements that you will need to meet. Firstly, you must be over 18 and already have a class B (car) driving licence. From here, you will need to carry out the following:

1. Medical Assessment: You will need to arrange for your doctor to complete a D4 medical form on your behalf to ensure that you fit the medical requirements to drive an ambulance.

2. Provisional Licence: Once you have your completed D4 form, this will need to be submitted to the DVSA along with your D2 and current driving licence. Your licence will be sent back to you with a provisional C1 licence added.

3. Theory Test: Much like you did when gaining your initial driving licence, you will need to complete a C1-specific theory and hazard perception test. You will need to get 85% on your theory and 67/100 on your hazard per

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering an ambulance training course, we have put together some useful FAQs to help guide you through the initial training and prepare you better for your test.

Sharing Excellent Feedback

"I had the best time training with Pure Driving and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to take an ambulance driving course. They spend so much getting to know you so that every minute of your training is really helpful, and you can see yourself progressing. I booked the three day course so that I had plenty of time to practice and it was so worth it because I passed with flying colours the first attempt!"