What does the D1 and D1+E test consist of?

As you begin your D1 or D1+E test, you will be asked a series of “show me, tell me questions” about the vehicle. Once you have answered these, the practical aspect of the test will begin. This will involve two or three sections, depending on whether you take your minibus training with or without a trailer.

For all tests, you will embark on a 1-hour drive, which will be marked against the same criteria that your initial driving test was. You will also be asked to complete a reverse manoeuvre, which will be conducted at the test centre and can be before or after your test. If you have chosen a D1+E test (with a trailer), then you will also be asked to show the examiner how you would uncouple and recouple the trailer.

Below is a diagram that gives you an idea of how your examiner will expect you to complete the manoeuvre. For those taking a D1+E test with a trailer, the distance between cones B and C increases from half a vehicle length to one vehicle length.

Reverse diagram