7.5 Tonne With Trailer Training Courses

Pure Driving’s 7.5 tonne with trailer training provides drivers with the opportunity to improve their road safety and successfully develop their driving abilities. When learning with Pure Driving, you can be sure that your instructor is approved by DVSA, giving you confidence in learning the necessary skills to safely drive a larger vehicle.

Courses for 7.5-tonne vehicles with a trailer can be suited to you with 1 or 3-day training. This training will allow drivers to extend their opportunities, such as becoming an ambulance driver, making it a worthwhile venture.

During a 7.5 tonne with a trailer training course, pupils can expect to learn C1+E vehicle safety and skilfully perform manoeuvres that will not only help drivers pass their final examination but also safely continue driving their larger vehicle with a trailer. Drivers will learn how to complete the following:

  • Full understanding of your driving licence
  • Understanding trailer safety questions
  • Master a range of manoeuvres
  • Understanding safely uncoupling and re-coupling a trailer
  • Learn how to drive a large vehicle with a trailer safely on main roads