Trailer Training in Peterborough

Book your trailer training in Peterborough with Pure Driving and join the hundreds of clients who have passed first time! Our instructors have over 25 years of experience and are RoSPA Gold members.

Caravan Towing Courses

Whether it may be for personal or professional use, in order to legally drive a caravan, you must have passed advanced training and gained the B+E category on your licence. To help learners to pass quickly, safely, and as a confident driver, we offer tailored caravan towing courses in Peterborough, designed bespoke to meet your skillset, level of experience driving larger vehicles and preferred learning style.

During your caravan towing training in Peterborough, your instructor will guide you through all of the theory and practical elements required to tow a caravan. These will include not only topics necessary for passing your test but also those that will prepare you for all driving scenarios you may be faced with in the future, such as different road types, weather conditions and potential faults with your towing vehicle.

Minibus Driver Training

Depending on your requirements, our minibus driver training in Peterborough can be booked as a standalone course or combined with trailer towing, allowing you to advance your skills further. These courses are available across one, two or three days, and which option is suited to you will be based on your level of experience driving a larger vehicle. For those planning on booking courses for their staff, we can also include a risk assessment and driver profile, helping you to remain compliant with health and safety regulations.

Once you have mastered operating and manoeuvring a minibus, your instructor will then guide you through how to act in the event of an emergency. As a minibus driver, it will be your responsibility to keep your passengers safe, so plenty of time will be allocated to answer questions when teaching this topic, ensuring that you are familiar with processes.

C1 Training

Designed for drivers who plan to operate vehicles between the weight of 3,500kg and 7,500kg, our C1 training in Peterborough is ideal for making your CV stand out to employers. As all larger vehicles are different, our C1 courses in Peterborough show you how to adapt your skills to meet the nature of the vehicle you have been allocated, ensuring that you can remain in control at all times, even in more challenging scenarios.

B+E Training

Taught on a one-to-one basis with a DVSA approved instructor, our B+E training in Peterborough is suited to drivers who plan to tow a trailer, caravan or horsebox. At the beginning of your B+E course in Peterborough, your instructor will run through what to expect and the course content before designing a regime that works for you.

Feedback On Our Advanced Driver Training

"After having a nightmare with a different driving school, I was so happy to come across Pure Driving, who was absolutely amazing at helping me to pass my ambulance driver course. My instructor was so patient and explained everything in a way that I really understood. They helped me to restore my confidence and pass my test after just two days of training!"

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