Trailer Training in Coventry

Maximise your driving skills and gain an additional category on your licence with our one-to-one, tailored trailer training in Coventry.

Caravan Towing Courses

Successfully gaining the B+E category on your driving licence is essential in order to tow a caravan safely, and with our caravan towing courses in Coventry, you can achieve this milestone quickly and confidently. Our instructors not only have years of experience but are also DVSA approved and committed to ensuring that every pupil thoroughly enjoys their training.

Those interested in our caravan towing training in Coventry will have three course options available. Your chosen option will be based on your level of experience and confidence in towing a vehicle. For example, a complete beginner would be best suited to a 3 day course as this offers ample practice time; however, a more experienced driver may opt for a 1 day course simply to prepare for the test.

Minibus Driver Training

Operating a minibus can be very different to a car; however, through our minibus driver training in Coventry, you can build confidence in every aspect of minibus driving. A host of vital topics will be covered, such as manoeuvering, maintaining speed at full passenger capacity and handling trickier situations. These will all help you to become a safe, capable minibus driver both during your test and whilst on the roads.

For drivers looking to take their skills even further, it is possible to book a combination course also including trailer training. Along with the topics mentioned above, this course will also cover areas including uncoupling and recoupling a trailer, along with vehicle safety checks. Our team are always more than happy to discuss this in more detail, so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

C1 Training

In order to drive a vehicle that weighs greater than 3500kg, the C1 category on your licence will be necessary. Our C1 training in Coventry is available as a one, two or three day course, depending on your requirements. With this in mind, the C1 courses in Coventry we have available include the following:

B+E Training

Designed for those planning to tow a trailer, caravan or horsebox, our B+E training in Coventry will be tailored to your towing experience and preferred learning style. Upon completion of your B+E course in Coventry, you will be fully prepared to take your exam.

Feedback On Our Advanced Driver Training

"Was recommended Pure Driving by a friend after hearing nothing but praise for their instructors and they definitely lived up to their reputation. My instructor was friendly, professional and gave me so much confidence behind the wheel. I even passed my test on the first attempt!"

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