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DVSA approved advanced driving instructors providing trailer training in Coventry. All trailer courses have a 92% pass rate and have proven to help numerous drivers gain additional driving licence categories.

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    Additional B+E Training in Coventry

    The standard UK driving licence now only permits drivers to get behind the wheel of a registered car. If you wish to drive larger and heavier vehicles or tow a trailer or caravan you will need to complete B+E training in Coventry.

    We have a selection of B+E courses available including Horsebox training, Motor Home training and Caravan towing. Each training course for the B+E category will teach you how to drive safely on normal roads and manoeuvre larger vehicles and trailers.

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    If you wish to drive a vehicle that weighs between 3500kg-7500kg you will need to complete C1 training in Coventry. However, if you completed your driving lessons and passed your test before January 1997 this does not apply to you.

    However, if you have gained your driving licence after this date – you will need to complete the required C1 training course. The current C1 courses include LGV training and Ambulance driver training courses.

    *Please note – The ambulance driver training only allows you to drive a vehicle that resembles the height and weight limits of an ambulance. You cannot apply for a paramedic position with the NHS.

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    "I live just outside of Coventry but that wasn't a problem for Dave. I completed my Horsebox training with Pure Driving and I can honestly say that I would recommend them to everyone. He is such a great teacher and really teaches you how things should be done on the road."

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