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A standard UK driving licence is limited to towing and driving vehicles of a certain weight and load. In order to tow a trailer legally, you must complete the required trailer training in Birmingham. Without the correct licence category listed you could find yourself breaking the law.

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    All B+E Training Courses in Birmingham

    Here at Pure Driving we provide all of the necessary B+E training in Birmingham that you could possibly need. Our DVSA approved instructors maintain a 92% pass rate and can assist you with quality tuition for Caravan towing, Horsebox training and trailer training across Birmingham.

    Each B+E training course can be tailored to your schedule, making sure that you don’t miss important appointments and fall behind on your workload. During your training we’ll cover the questions associated with the course, safe driving and how to correctly manoeuvre larger vehicles safely.

    Category C1 Training Provided

    If you gained your driving licence before January 1997, then there is a high possibility that you already hold the C1 category on your driving licence. However, if you gained your licence after this period, you will need to complete C1 training in Birmingham to gain the correct category and drive larger vehicles. These courses are designed to help businesses and those looking for career changes get a step ahead in the industry.

    Our C1 courses across Birmingham cover LGV/HGV training and Ambulance vehicle training. *Please Note: The ambulance driver training course does not allow you to become a qualified paramedic. You’re simply able to drive the vehicles used.

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    "I recently started a new job that required an extra category on my driving licence. I completed the C1 course with Dave and he was excellent from start to finish. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who's looking for extra training."

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