Advanced Driving

Pure Driving has instructors across the UK who can provide advanced driving courses. We have instructors who are qualified in the right areas to give you the best coaching to take you to the next level. We can help you with the following advanced driving types.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a great way to gain extra valuable experience on the road whilst gaining a physical certificate. Many insurers will offer up to 20% discount to someone who has passed Pass Plus.

Taxi Training

We provide taxi training across most areas of the UK. Find out what’s expecting on the test day and how Pure Driving can help you.

Post Collision Training

Post Collision courses offer drivers who have been involved in a collision a chance to work through and understand what happened, with the aim to increase confidence for your return to the road.

RoSPA Training

A RoSPA test will challenge any driver, practical and theory standards have to be high.  Take the test and aim for gold.

Beat the black box

Make your black box work for you and not against you and you will receive a better insurance premium, simple tips and tricks designed to make your driving efficient.