6 Essential Caravan Towing Tips

As the current circumstances have led many of us Brits to enjoy the sites of England this year rather than jetting off to our favourite sunny destinations, it means that we’re going to be seeing more and more caravans on the roads. Caravans are a great way of seeing the beautiful and picturesque locations of

COVID-19 November Update

Following on from the latest COVID-19 government update, we have, unfortunately, had to suspend training until 2nd December 2020. This is news that we were hoping that we did not have to hear; however, we know that it is necessary for reducing the spread of the virus. Any pupils who were booked in throughout November

How To Get Your C1 Licence

Unfortunately, due to UK laws, you cannot simply start driving a larger vehicle as even with a full UK driving licence, additional training is required. To legally drive a vehicle of 7.5 tonnes, you will need to hold a C1 licence by undertaking a C1 course and passing your exam. An advanced driver training course

Your Driving Licence Explained: What You Can Drive!

Around 75% of adults in the UK hold a full driving licence, but being full of confusing categories and codes, not everyone knows what their licence really means. With your driving licence explained, you will find out what you are allowed to drive, if you have any driving restrictions and what you would need to

Benefits Of ADI Driving Instructor Training

Becoming a driving can be an incredibly rewarding job, you play a key role in helping pupils towards achieving a milestone moment in their life. For learners, completing lessons and gaining their driving licence is an immense achievement that many have been working towards for a considerable number of months. The role of a driving

How Do You Become an Ambulance Driver?

To become a qualified ambulance driver in the UK, you must first pass the necessary driving tests in order to drive a vehicle that is greater than 3500kg in addition to the academic qualifications that a paramedic requires. To take your first steps in becoming a qualified paramedic you must first register with the HCPC

Ambulance drivers receive extra training

Having a role in driver training means that I always feel defensive when I hear or read stories like this, “Ambulance staff given driving refreshers as crashes cost NHS £40k a year“. I have worked with many student and fully trained paramedics over the years and can say without question that the level of driver