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What To Consider Before Visiting A Horsebox Dealer

Once you have completed your horsebox training and have successfully gained the B+E category on your licence, it is time to start looking into purchasing a horsebox. The first step of the process, before you can visit a horsebox dealer, is to consider exactly what you want from your investment and the type of horsebox that you are looking for.

Horsebox Dealer Top Tips

A horsebox is not a cheap investment, and it is a process that you do not want to rush. Similarly to any other significant venture, you want to ensure that you make the most out of your money. Horseboxes are available to buy from many different companies, some of the most popular are businesses such as Horsemart and Horsedeals. If you are currently considering purchasing a horsebox, but not too sure the best way go around the process to ensure you receive the best deals, keep reading!

New vs Secondhand

It is crucial to decide prior to meeting with a horsebox dealer whether you are looking for a new or secondhand horsebox. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages and which choice you opt for very much depends on each individual.

Essentially, buying a horsebox new from manufacturers means that it can be guaranteed that there will be no damage and it will be in immaculate condition. No underlying issues will be present, and there will not be the ongoing worry of botched past repairs, which could cause significant future problems. If any problems do occur that have not been caused by an accident, you can pinpoint the exact place of sale rather than having to contact a long list of previous owners to see where the problem first transpired. Although similar to any purchase, buying a horsebox from new does have its drawbacks. The vehicle will be on sale at the highest price that it will be in its lifetime. Unfortunately, after the first purchase, it will depreciate by a considerable chunk meaning that you will lose out on money if you choose to sell in the future.

The idea of depreciation leads nicely to the first advantage of purchasing a secondhand horsebox. Used vehicles are always significantly cheaper than they would be to buy new; if you spot any damage on the horsebox, you can negotiate an even lower price. Secondhand horseboxes tend to have more affordable insurance quotes, and because they will not look brand new, the likelihood of a thief attempting to steal the horsebox will be lower. Although your secondhand horsebox may look in pristine condition on the outside, there may be internal problems that you cannot physically see meaning you are always running the risk of future concerns.

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What Will Be The Main Uses?

Another aspect to consider is whether you will be using your horsebox for professional use or whether it is merely to assist a hobby. If you are a professional horse rider, then you are likely to need a more high-end horsebox with a more luxurious, comfortable interior as you will be spending a lot of time travelling with it. It may mean paying a little more initially, but the investment will be worthwhile in the long run. If the horsebox is only used now and again as a hobby, then you may want to refrain from spending a lot of money unless you plan to take your hobby more seriously in the near future.

Storage and Security

Due to the horsebox being an expensive investment, it is vital that it is stored in a safe and secure place. If you plan to use your horsebox regularly and do not have the capacity to store at home, then you will need to arrange storage that it close to home. Storage fees vary and are dependant on factors such as the size of the vehicle and how long you wish to store for. No matter where you store your horsebox, it should always have some form of deterrent fitted onto the vehicle. If you do not mind spending more money on security, then there are many different CCTV cameras and vehicle alarms that will significantly reduce the risk of theft. On the other hand, if you are looking for a temporary security system until you have money to spend more, immobilisers would do the job just as well.

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Similarly to all other vehicles, the insurance cost will differ for a horsebox depending on many different factors such as age, mileage and reason for use. A towed horsebox tends to be a cheaper option compared to a motorised horsebox. It is crucial to make sure that you have an insurance policy in place before you attempt to drive the vehicle or transport a horse because without insurance, you will not be covered in the event of an accident. Try to find an insurance company that specialise in policies for a horsebox as they will be able to offer more cover and often also cover possessions that are carried in the horsebox, rather than just the vehicle itself. Many companies will also provide additional perks such as a safe place for your horse to stay if you were to break down far away from home, which is a massive benefit if you are a professional rider who regularly travels across the country.


Your horsebox is a considerable reflection of yourself, and it has to be well suited to both you are your horse’s needs. The amount of animals you plan to transport is a huge consideration because of course, all horses need to be at utmost comfort throughout the whole journey and be able to move freely. While looking for a horsebox, make sure that you are as critical as possible to ensure you gain the best deal. Look out for issues such as rust, signs of rotting, oil leaks and damaged tyres.

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