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Training for Pulling a Trailer

If you plan to drive a large vehicle that is capable of towing a trailer, before you begin, you will need to complete a series of trailer training lessons and pass a final exam. Failing to do will result in a large fine, points and a potential driving ban which may eventually lead to a court appearance.

Of course, you want to do everything you can to avoid this, and the easiest way to do so is to comply with the laws and the DVLA.

How to book trailer training lessons

Despite being incredibly easy to book trailer training courses, some drivers still prefer to try their luck and get away with not having a valid licence. To tow a trailer you will need a B+E driving licence. To see if you already have the category listed on your licence, simply turn your photo-card licence over and check the grid of categories valid on the card.

The training itself covers a broad range of areas, most notably uncoupling, re-coupling and a selection of everyday manoeuvres.

Your dedicated trailer training instructor will run through a number of question and answers and ask you to complete a basic eye test, similar to those of a standard driving test.

Once the questions and eye test have been completed, you will begin your practical driving. This part of the trailer training exam is marked to the same criteria of a standard driving test, so observations and vehicle safety is extremely important.

As we mentioned above, uncoupling and re-coupling is a part of your test. The examiner for the B+E course will assess your ability to uncouple and re-couple the trailer safely and ensure that you meet a set list of procedure checks.

Towards the end of the exam, you will complete a standard reversing manoeuvre. You will need to safely reverse your vehicle and trailer in a slalom style shape to the finish point as demonstrated via the image below.

reversing a trailer

Horsebox Licence Training
Horsebox Licence Training
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