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Many motorists are hiring larger vehicles in order to haul heavy items and luggage to and from holiday destination in the UK. However, there is a simpler solution that could soon make your life a little easier.

Car and trailer training is a popular way of increasing your driving ability and can save you a considerable amount of money on car hire agreements and packages. Better yet? You can even use your own vehicle; so long it meets the towing requirements.

Understanding the car and trailer course

This week we’re going to talk you through the car and trailer training course that we have available here at Pure Driving.

Why you might consider a trailer training course:

The most common reason for people wanting to pass a trailer training course is simply down to personal usage. A lot of vehicle owners enjoy caravan holidays here in the UK and like to carry a lot of storage, which in some cases requires a trailer to get it there.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply start towing a trailer, no matter how good a driver you think you may be. You must complete a trailer training course, supervised by a DVSA approved instructor.

Understanding the licence you must hold to tow:

Unfortunately, your standard driving licence isn’t going to cut it if you want to tow large items on a trailer. On the reverse of your driving licence there are a number of licence categories listed and you’ll probably have a few of them selected as a result of passing your standard driving test.

However, in order to tow a trailer, you must complete the required B+E training so that you are legally allowed to tow a category BE vehicle. Again in order to do this you must complete the necessary BE training course with an approved provider and school.

What you’ll cover on a standard trailer course:

During one of the Pure Driving trailer training courses, you’ll earn everything you need to know in order to pass the BE category examination without compromising on the quality of teaching.

Unfortunately, a lot of advanced schools will teach drivers in bulk; meaning that they will enrol up to three drivers at a time during a lesson. Unfortunately, this is going to significantly reduce the chances of you passing the test at the end of the training.

Our courses are completed solely on a one to one basis with an approved DVSA instructor that has an impressive 90% pass rate. During the training, you’ll learn how to understand your licence, discuss the necessary trailer health and safety questions (just like the show me, tell me questions on a standard driving test), master the reversing manoeuvre, understand how to drive a trailer safely on the road.

You’ll also cover how to successfully uncouple and recouple trailers; something that we’ll go into in greater detail below.

Uncoupling and recoupling trailers:

One of the key aspects to passing a car and trailer training course is how you approach the uncoupling and recoupling manoeuvre. There are typically six to eight aspects of both processes that you’ll need to master.

During the uncoupling process, you’ll need to be confident in your abilities to safely uncouple the trailer. Your trainer will go through how to secure the vehicle, the jockey wheel, winding up the trailer, releasing the vehicle and detaching your electrics.

During recoupling you’ll learn how to position the towing vehicle correctly, securing the trailer and vehicle, handling the jockey wheel and reattaching electrics.

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