Benefits of Taxi Driver Training

Taking a taxi is something that we all have done before; we rely on taxis for many different reasons. But have you ever considered becoming a taxi driver? People take up the role of a taxi driver for many various reasons; if this is a job opportunity you are considering, take a look at our article to find out the main benefits of taxi driver training.

Taxi Driver Training

To take a taxi driver training course, you will need to have had a valid driving license for more than one year. You will then need to contact your local council to attend an induction course to provide you with all of the information necessary to be able to start the application process. After your application has been accepted, you will need to book yourself in for practical training to then be able to pass all of the required tests needed to receive your taxi licence. For all of the information on how to become a taxi driver, take a look at our Taxi Training page.

Taxi Driver Training Benefits

Becoming a taxi driver, similar to any other job has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, if you love driving, then this is the perfect job for you, but here are some more benefits.

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Regular Work

One of the most beneficial aspects of taxi driver training is that once you have gained your full license, you are almost always guaranteed work. No matter where you work, people will always need to be able to get from A to B, so taxi drivers will always be needed. If you wanted to have guaranteed regular work, you would be best working in a busy city or town where people are always on the go – especially at the weekend.

You could work as a regular taxi driver or a private taxi driver. If you are a private taxi driver, again you are always guaranteed work because you will be waiting outside busy hotels, events or restaurants, where visitors to the city are most likely going to be at, people who are on holiday or away for work without their car.

Flexible Hours

Being your own boss means that you can choose the hours that you would prefer to work; taxi drivers are needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can always work exactly what works best for you. Some people use the role of a taxi driver as a part-time job as they can choose to work just for a few hours or maybe just on weekends to earn a little more cash. If you want to work weekdays one week and then weekends or late night the next, you can make your own schedule.

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Meeting New People

Many people hate the idea of sitting behind a desk all day and spending their day getting work done without conversations. Becoming a taxi driver is a great career choice if you are a very chatty people person; it means you have the chance to talk to several different people in one day. You will meet a huge range of different people, and even if they are only taking a short taxi ride, you will still be able to get to know them.


The great aspect of being a taxi driver is that you do not have to wait around for the end of the month or wait around for payday to receive the money that you have earned. Your wages are cash in hand; at the end of each shift, you will know exactly how much you have been paid. In addition to this, working particular hours will earn you considerably more. If you opt for working late nights on weekends, taxi fares are more expensive, and people are more likely to be generous and give you a good tip. If you do your job well and are pleasant to your customers, then the commission is very high. The basic salary for a taxi driver very much depends on the company you work for, along with the area in which you work in. PayScale have a useful tool where you can search for a specific salary report depending on the area you work in.

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Different Days, Different Routes

Although of course, you will be driving day in day out, no two days will be the same; it will never be similar to a nine to five job where you start to become robot-like. Each day you will be visiting new destinations with new passengers, some days you may decide to do long journeys such as airport runs and other days may just be short journeys around your local area.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Taxi Driver?

There are several different skills that you will need to become a taxi driver, some of which are ones that you wouldn’t think to take into consideration.

The International Road Transport Union provide a downloadable taxi driver checklist which will give you a great insight into the kind of things you will need to remember on a daily basis.

You will need to be a punctual person with good time management skills, who can be realistic in the amount of time that it will take you to get to places. People are impatient, and if they are waiting around in the cold for their taxi to arrive, they will complain. Maths skills are also essential, as you will have to be able to calculate fees and customers need to be given back the correct amount of change. Most job requests will be taken through alerts on your work mobile phone, so you will need to be able to work technology well to ensure that you can accept requests and arrive at the correct destinations.

One of the biggest personal skills that you will need to be a taxi driver is patience; it is likely that you will be faced with your fair share of annoying, drunk or rude people. The main thing that you will have to remember is that once the journey is over, it is unlikely that you will ever have to see them again.

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