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Benefits Of Taking A Trailer Training Course

Many different factors contribute to passing a trailer training course, not only must you master manoeuvres using a considerably larger vehicle to what you are used to, but you must also gain a full understanding on how to uncouple and re-couple a trailer. A lot more theory is required to pass and gain the B+E category on your licence, but once complete, there are many different benefits towards having an additional category.

Possibilities After A Trailer Training Course

Some drivers may opt for investing their time and money into trailer training for work commitments and others simply for leisure; however, many are unaware of the several different advantages you have now opened yourself up to. We are going to discuss some of the main benefits and new opportunities you may be faced with.

New Career Paths

Many different job roles do not require a trailer qualification to apply, however, does dramatically increase your chances of getting the job in the long run. It also allows you to progress quicker in your role and you will be more likely to be promoted to a more senior member of the team.

A career that utilises a trailer training qualification are often hands-on roles that involve physical labour and travelling to and from different destinations throughout the day. If a 9-5 office job isn’t for you, then you can hugely benefit from taking a trailer training course.

Becoming a landscaper is just one of the many roles you can aspire to take on and will provide you with new challenges every project you are involved in. Many presume that landscape maintenance means merely a gardener; however, just some of the services landscaper specialise in are tree maintenance, shrub pruning and planting. You can start a career through an apprenticeship without any qualifications; you will train and learn on the job.

Other career paths that would benefit from trailer training are becoming a mechanic or builder. Both of these utilise the additional category for transporting and disposing of scrap after each project. Both of these roles are fantastic if you enjoy problem-solving.

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Cheaper Holidays

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy several different holidays in different overseas destinations for the price of one?

Having the B+E category on your licence also means that you are legally able to tow a caravan, which makes holidays considerably cheaper as you remove the need for accommodation. Although going on a caravan holiday does mean that you will be limited in terms of living space, it makes it so much easier to travel between many different cities within a limited time period. You are free to go from one destination to another, without the pressure of check-in and check-out times or having to pack and unpack your belongings continuously. There will also be no limit in the amount of luggage you can bring along, so you can bring as much as you please, which is particularly handy if you young children.

What many holidaymakers considering a caravan holiday do not realise is that many campsites have swimming pools, restaurants and other facilities on site, just as you would do so in a hotel, so you will not be losing anything from opting to visit a campsite over a hotel. In addition, campsites are dramatically cheaper than staying in a hotel. For example, if you were to go for a week’s break in Alicante, Spain, a campsite will only cost you around £100, whereas a hotel is likely to be at least three times more expensive.

For a full guide on taking your caravan abroad, take a look at our previous article and for some beautiful overseas sites, head over to the Caravan Club website.

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Become A Safer Driver

Driving with a trailer forces you to be even more aware of your surroundings than you ever would be when driving a car alone. The risk of a collision is dramatically increased, and you become incredibly limited concerning space when it comes to manoeuvres and even motorway driving. You must be able to maintain accurate control of your speed, as driving too fast will cause your trailer to sway from side to side, potentially into the direction of other road users and traffic.

Many drivers opt for taking a trailer training course many years after passing their practical test, meaning within that time, it is more than likely that bad habits have formed. Taking a second driving course allows you to get back into the routine of following every procedure and good driving practice to remain safe. You’ll also have the chance to refresh your memory on The Highway Code and any new updates.

All advanced driving courses are taught on a one to one basis, so you will have plenty of time to ask any questions on things you’re unsure of and spend time working on your weaknesses.

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Business Progression

If you are a business looking to progress and expand to cover more areas or provide more services, training a few members of your team in an additional category of their licence can be incredibly beneficial.

Businesses in the entertainment industry can use a trailer to their advantage by providing their services to more surrounding areas. Equipment can be easily transported from event to event with minimal effort, and you can afford to take on larger jobs because you have more room for equipment. It allows the business to cater for more event types from weddings and parties to corporate and marketing events.

It is your choice the number of team members you train in an additional category and, of course, depends on the budget you put in place. Many companies trial just one employee to see how well it goes and then from there, see whether it has been beneficial for the business.

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Taking A Trailer Training Course

Always ensure that if you do book a trailer training course, it is with a reputable, fully qualified advanced driving school who can provide you with the best tuition possible. Prices vary depending on the driving school you opt for, and the longevity of the course will depend on how much experience you have driving a larger vehicle and your level of skills.

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