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Benefits Of An Advanced Driver Training Course

Advanced driver training is often a course type that many drivers are aware of. Every day, as a driver, you will pass taxi drivers, drivers towing a trailer or even ambulance drivers without taking into consideration that additional training and exams are required to drive using a second category on your licence legally.

There are even advanced driving courses for new drivers who wish to simply expand their skills and become a safer, more confident driver, which come in the form of a Pass Plus Course.

Opting to take on an advanced driving course allows passed drivers to obtain a number of skills that will enable them to explore many new opportunities, all of which providing to be hugely beneficial to both their personal life and career-wise. To give an insight into the various different advanced driving courses available along with potential prospects after you’ve passed, we’ve devised a list of the top benefits of an advanced driver training course.

Why Book An Advanced Driver Training Course?

A driving licence is one of the most common forms of ID and is a necessity most drivers keep on them at all times. Although a driving licence is used almost every day by drivers, many would struggle when asked to explain the use of the table printed on the back. The table relates to all of the additional categories you have the opportunity to take on once you become a legal driver.

The most common types of categories that drivers train for are:

  • B+E – licence to tow a trailer, caravan or horsebox
  • C1 – licence to drive an ambulance or 7.5-tonne vehicle (lorries, trucks, etc.)
  • D1 and D1+E – licence to drive a minibus

Although each category type comes alongside their own individual benefits, as do other forms of training such as a Pass Plus Course, ADI Training and Taxi Driver Training. However, particular key advantages are common in all, here we discuss each.

Decreased Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies base their prices mainly on the likelihood that you, as the named driver, will be involved in an accident or collision in which you will need to make a claim or require repairs. For example, those who are in their first year of driving and taking their first ever insurance policy out will pay the most expensive cover fees, simply because they are seen as inexperienced. Insurance companies presume that, although it is incredibly unfair, that new drivers are more likely to be involved in an incident because they may be nervous, unconfident and have less knowledge on how to deal with trickier situations.

Taking an additional driving course and passing a second exam where your driving skills are strictly assessed, technically means that you have had two sets of training to make sure that you are a safe and reliable driver. This means that you are more eligible than anyone else to be given a discount on your premiums because insurance companies will see you as least likely to be involved in a collision. Insurance companies are clever, they don’t want to be having to pay out a fortune for repairs for someone who pays little to them, so if you can prove you are a safer driver, they will cut your costs.

Once you have passed your advanced driving course and are looking to renew your policy, keep a careful eye out for the section that asks about your additional training. If not mentioned online, try giving your provider a call to see if you can negotiate a lower price.

For more information on how an advanced driving course can result in discounted insurance, take a look at this handy GoCompare article!

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Increased Job Opportunities

One of the most rewarding benefits of taking an advanced driving course is the host of different new and exciting job opportunities you will open yourself up to. Not only will you be able to progress in your current role, but you will also have many new roles you might like to consider in the future. Of course, any roles that utilise an additional training course will require being behind the wheel for a considerable chunk of your day, so you have to be sure that this is an aspect you will enjoy.

Taking a B+E course is the broadest type of training and covers you for many different career prospects. Being covered to tow a trailer legally is fantastic for hands-on roles such as a landscaper, builder and even mechanic. Although a trailer licence may only be a desirable skill rather than an essential on vacancies for roles in these types of industries, it will help you to stand out from other applicants. If an employer can rely on you to transport equipment or waste from A to B and will not have to pay for additional training, you will be the ideal candidate to hire.

Roles that use a C1 licence vary, for some you most definitely need the licence even to apply and others, similarly to the B+E, the additional category is a desirable skill. To become a paramedic, you do not need to have ambulance driver training, but again, it will make you the best candidate in an employer’s eyes. However, to be an HGV or delivery driver, a C1 licence will be the number one requirement.

For more information on the employment opportunities, advanced driver training brings, take a look at our previous article!

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Save Money On Holidays

Taking an advanced driving course does not just have to be for career progression, many drivers opt for a course to pursue a hobby.

Investing money into B+E training is a fantastic option if you love to travel to many different destinations and are a keen caravanner. In the past, caravan holidays were considerably more limited to destinations within the UK; however, nowadays you can travel overseas to anywhere from Spain to Italy in the comfort of your motorhome. Campsites are also a lot more advanced and are filled with excellent on-site facilities for the whole family including restaurants, bars, swimming pools and even shops, just as there would be in hotels.

Opting to pay for a spot on a campsite for a week rather than a hotel room will save you a considerable chunk of cash. For example, if you were you plan a trip to Spain, even a three-star hotel room for a family four is likely to cost you more than £400. Whereas, your own section of a campsite for the same amount of time, will only cost around £100. Unlike a hotel, you will not have to worry about check-in and check-out times or having to unpack and then repack when you leave. Taking away the need for flights will also avoid the issue of limited luggage weight and waiting around in the airport. You will be able to travel at your own pace and take as much luggage away with you, which is particularly beneficial if you are a large family with young children.

If you are looking for more information on taking your caravan overseas, head over to The Caravan Club.

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Improved Driving Skills

As mentioned previously, taking a second set of driving lessons will help you to improve your driving and safety skills further.

If you opt for taking category based advanced training, all vehicles you will be driving will be dramatically larger than any car you would have been used to in the past. Trailers, minibuses and even an ambulance all require a lot more concentration and spatial awareness. Unlike a car, you will not be able to quickly squeeze into a parking spot, change lanes or even carry out basic maneuverers without extra difficulty. Larger vehicles mean you will always be given limited space, so will have to take extra care and observation will be multiplied. You’ll also have to have better speed control because driving too fast will make, for example, your trailer sway, potentially into the path of another road users.

Unless you learn to drive specifically so that you can take an additional course, it is more than likely that it has been years since you have last taken lessons with an instructor. This means that your course will also allow you to revise basic knowledge such as The Highway Code and essential road signs, therefore making you an all-around, better driver.

Flexible Lifestyle

Gaining an additional driving qualification does, in fact, open you up to a more flexible lifestyle, particularly in regards to careers. We have already covered the different job roles you may want to consider, but what is not mentioned is how flexible many of these roles are.

One of the most popular forms of advanced driver training aside from category-based training is ADI training to become a fully qualified driving instructor. Becoming a driving instructor is one of the most flexible job roles as you are your own boss. You choose the days and hours you would like to work, along with the preferred teaching method and the pupils you teach. For example, many instructors work their teaching hours around their children’s school hours and opt for scheduling pupils in within 9 am and 3 pm.

The great factor of becoming a driving instructor is that you are not limited to working the 9-5 schedule, you can opt for evenings, weekends or both. Many instructors prefer to teach during these hours as they are likely to have a steadier flow of pupils. Most people who wish to begin learning to drive are still at school, college or work, which means weekdays during the day will not be an ideal lesson time. Instead, they look for instructors who can allocate evening and weekend lessons.

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Driving Becomes More Enjoyable

It is thought that the more tuition you have with an instructor, the more time you’ll have to perfect your skills, therefore, making you a more confident driver. The more confident you are as a driver, the less stressed you will become when trickier situations arise and driving will become a more enjoyable experience.

During training, you will be taught systematic sequences which will help you to drive and manoeuvre your larger vehicle safely. Which means when you notice a hazard, you will know exactly how to resolve the situation quickly and calmer. Situations are less likely to phase you, again, so you will enjoy driving and feel eager to get back behind the wheel.

Book Your Advanced Training Courses Today!

If you are in the lead up to your advanced driving course, whether this may be for your career or to pursue a hobby and unsure on how to prepare to pass, we have a few top tips to consider. Always ensure that you have an up-to-date eye test and if needed, bring your glasses along to your exam as your ability to read a number plate from far will be assessed. You should also spend time during the last few hours of your course gaining a full understanding of your vehicle, the internal components and how to uncouple and re-couple your trailer. Lastly, if you are feeling particularly nervous, it may be worth taking herbal calming remedies such as Kalms to ease stress.

Although booking an advanced driving course may, at first, seem as if it is a huge expense, the benefits most definitely repay the initial cost. Not only will you become a safer and more confident driver, but you will also open yourself up to many different new opportunities for the future. All advanced courses are taught on a one to one basis, which means that you will have plenty of time to ask any questions and go over any areas that may be proving a little more difficult.

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