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Benefits of a Pass Plus Scheme

The relief and satisfaction of finally passing your practical driving test is a massive step in gaining independence. The thought of never having to do another driving lesson again is always a nice thought, but it is true when people say that the hardest part of driving comes when you have passed. When you have to drive alone in your car without the comfort of knowing your instructor is back up in emergencies, many people struggle. This is the main reason why a lot of new drivers take the pass plus scheme.

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What is a Pass Plus Scheme?

The Pass Plus Scheme is a course that you are able to take up to 12 months of passing your driving test to improve driving skills and road safety. During you Pass Plus course you will cover six areas:

  • Driving on Motorways
  • Night Driving
  • Driving Out Of Town
  • All Weather Driving
  • Town Driving
  • Driving on Dual Carriageways

Many people are unsure about whether the Pass Plus Scheme is worth taking so we have devised a list of the main benefits to give an insight into how the course can help you.

Your Car

When taking your Pass Plus course, many instructors offer the option to take your lessons in your car. Unless you did independent lessons, it is likely that you will not end up purchasing the same car that you learnt in with your instructor. People often find it harder to drive when they are alone in their car because they will have to adapt things such as the level of their bite point to suit the car that they are driving. Of course, eventually you will get used to driving your car, but this confidence can be achieved a lot quicker by taking a Pass Plus course.


Motorway Driving

Driving on a motorway is tricky as a new driver because it is likely to be the only aspect of driving you wouldn’t have come across through lessons. Holding a provisional license restricts you from being able to use motorways meaning if you want a lesson on the subject it can only be done through a Pass Plus Scheme. Motorways as a whole are a lot more high speed than you would have been used to, and you will need to understand when and how is the best time to change lanes. You need to be able to overtake safely and recognize the many road signs that you will come across.

Quick Results

The basic Pass Plus Scheme will usually consist of a six-hour course; new drivers do not need any longer than this amount of time. The six hours can be done in one bulk lesson or split up into a couple of sessions; both have their own individual benefits. If you are someone who loses concentration easily, then splitting up your course into different days are likely to be the best option for you. As a whole, if you can, one full six-hour session is more beneficial because it means that you can go on one long journey, of course, will regular breaks, which will cover all of the areas you need to pass. It also means you only have to sacrifice one day and you will gain a whole qualification. The majority of the time, you will just use the motorway if you are going on a long journey, so it will give you a real insight into what you can expect.

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Save on Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of the main worries for a new driver because companies charge extortionate prices, which seems unfair because along with this most people have to also worry about the fee for a car. Insurance companies charge higher fees for a new driver because they see it as young, inexperienced drivers are more likely to have an accident. Whereas, if you take the Pass Plus Scheme, it lowers the risk of accidents because you have a qualification to prove that you have been trained on safe driving in your own car. This means it is one of the main ways to secure a cheaper car insurance quote. The amount of discount you receive very much depends on the company you go with. Here are some of the companies who offer the biggest discount for gaining a Pass Plus scheme:

No Test

When considering a Pass Plus Scheme, many people presume that you will need to take a test at the end of your course to gain the qualification. However, this isn’t the case; there will be no stress of having to worry about a test. Your instructor will simply be assessing you throughout the duration of your course to see if you successfully cover the point needed to qualify for the Pass Plus qualification.

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One of the most significant and most important benefits of taking the Pass Plus Scheme is that it will improve your driving safety and overall, lessen the risk of accidents. Driving lessons, of course, will teach you how to be a safe driver, but throughout lessons, you would have had the comfort of dual controls. During a Pass Plus course, it is solely based on your driving. If you panic easily when in control, the course will help to find ways to manage your stress and be a confident driver in all situations you may come across.


As a whole, taking part in a Pass Plus Scheme may seem like an extra initial expense, but the benefits are massive for both now and in the future. Not only can you have valuable driving practice, but you can also result in gaining massive savings on car insurance. Taking a Pass Plus course with Pure Driving can cost as little as £150 for six hours. It is known that most drivers struggle more when it comes to driving independently than they did in driving lessons, so become a confident and safe driver quickly by booking an extra training course.

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