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Advantages Of A Black Box For First Time Drivers

Installing a black box in your car is a topic that you regularly hear people talk about when it comes to purchasing your first vehicle and arranging insurance. There are many benefits of a black box for first-time drivers and a whole host of reasons as to why it is recommended to opt for this option.

Black Box For First Time Drivers

A black box is fitted as part of your insurance policy and is also known as telematics. It is known as a black box as that is exactly the appearance of it, it is around the size of your regular smartphone. After you join your insurance policy, you usually have a couple of days before a professional will fit your black box. Your black box essentially tracks your driving; it builds up an idea of how you drive and your driving performance, then passes the information back to your insurer. Although this may seem as if you have very little room for mistakes, installing a black box, in fact, does have many benefits.


Your insurance provider rewards good driving, and this usually means that if you prove that you are a safe driver for the year in which your black box is active, you will save a considerable amount of money when you renew your car insurance. Many different aspects of your driving will be recorded such as braking, speed and consistency. Every time you drive, you will be given a score based on these points, the more often you achieve a high score, the more rewards you will get at the end of your insurance. If you consistently sharp break, drive faster than the speed limit or steer harshly, your score will decrease. Taking extra care while having a black box is worth the time as you could see yourself saving hundreds of pounds. Different insurance policies reward in different ways, some reward on a monthly or quarterly bases and others reward at the end of the year.

Protected Against Theft

One of the most beneficial aspects of a black box, which many people often do not take into consideration is that within the device is a GPS technology. Having GPS on your vehicle is an excellent form of protection against thieves because, in the event of theft, your car can easily be tracked down and returned to you. Police will be able to use your black box to find the exact location of your vehicle straight away.

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It is more than likely that along with your black box, will you will have some form of an online portal, usually in the form of an app. Here you will be able to see your driving score for each trip, how many miles you have driven and usually, the rewards to are predicted to receive. Having the ability to see a detailed summary of your driving is so useful, especially as a new driver as you can clearly see what areas of driving you may need to take a look at improving. Keeping track of your mileage is also crucial because, with every insurance policy, you are only covered for a certain amount of miles, and as a first time driver this is generally around 6,000. If you exceed your set mileage, you will be charged, and the fees are not cheap, you could see yourself spending hundreds of od pounds for as little as 1,000 miles.

Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of fitting a black box is that it can save you extra costs on your insurance. Not only can you be rewarded with discounted policies in your second year, but you can also save hundreds on your first policy. The greatest reason as to why insurance is so high for young, first-time drivers is because insurance companies see this group to be more vulnerable to accidents. However, if you are limited to a lower speed and are forced to take more care due to your black box, this increased vulnerability is lowered meaning lower insurance. have a tool where you can compare black box quotes to find the most cost-effective policy for you.

Easy To Install

A black box is very simple and straightforward to install, and you do not have to do anything to assist the process. Your black box has to be fitted within 14 days of you arranging your insurance policy, and it is up to you when your installer come to you. The great thing about the installation is that is done very quickly, and you do not have to be present. You can arrange for your installer to come to your work carpark and install your black box while you are at work, or come to your home at a time where you are free.

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Easier To Handle Claims

The fact that your black box stores all information on your driving performance put you at a huge advantage in the event of an accident. If you are in an accident with another driver and it was caused by the other driver, it will be considerably easier to prove that you are not at fault. For example, if a driver claims that you were speeding and was the cause of the accident, your insurance company can investigate into your history and see precisely the speed that you were driving to prove that you were not driving recklessly.


Another advantage of having a GPS tracker within your black box is in the case of a serious emergency; you are able to be found. If a family member or friend cannot get hold of you and worries that you are in an accident, the insurance company can track your exact location.


Opting to go for an insurance policy that includes a black box always has more benefits than drawbacks, and you can also take black box training to ensure you receive even more rewards. It is a very straightforward process and you as a driver, do not have to do anything extra. It can save you a huge chunk of money in both your first year and second. You are not limited to only having a black box in your first year, if you want to continue with monitored driving, then that option is also available.

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