Our On Road Assessment gives one of our qualified trainers the chance to observe your employee’s driving first hand. From this they will be able to generate a report measuring driving ability, safety, temperament and judgement, providing recommendations for further on road training where necessary. The overall aim of the assessment is to provide an auditable report and profile of the driver and give advice to managers so that they can fulfil health and safety requirements.

Who is it for?

The On Road Assessment is suitable for all companies, it is great tool for those where driving is a large part of daily duties and for those highlighted as medium to high risk through other assessments (e.g. E-assessment, in-house risk evaluation)

How it works

Our assessments are flexible and tailored to your requirements, they can be either assessment only or an assessment with targeted coaching, this will usually depend the duration of the session, typically

  • 1 hour – an assessment only. short report based on a points system.
  • 2 hour – an hour assessment followed up by an hour of targeted coaching to address areas to improve. Detailed report with a breakdown of all areas covered.

If you would like more than 2 hours with one of our fully qualified trainers, please have a look at our On Road Training course.

The On Road Assessment covers (but is not exhaustive)

  • Use of Car Controls including preparation; steering; use of clutch, gears, brakes, accelerator and mirrors; visibility.
  • Driving Performance including stopping/ moving off; application of System; positioning; cornering; reaction to signs.
  • General Ability including (but not exhaustive) consideration and restraint; speed; temperament; vehicle sympathy; observation/ hazard; concentration, motorways/ dual carriageways.

The results of each of the sections are then combined to produce a report and an overall risk profile. The results are provided via email to both the driver and employer to enable next steps to be arranged.