D1 and D1+E Course Options EXC VAT

1 day training with test

A one day course is suitable for drivers with a good level of experience driving larger vehicles (towing experience if you are taking D1+E). The main aim of the course is to prepare for the test. Drivers will need to be confident with the necessary manoeuvres including reversing skills, how to uncouple and recouple a trailer (If doing D1+E) and their judgment when driving with an extra long vehicle.

2 days training with test

A two day course is ideal for those who have driven larger vehicle before (some towing experience necessary too – if taking D1+E). The course enables more time to practice the manoeuvres including reversing and how to couple and uncouple the trailer (D1+E). During the two days we can cover much more mileage with the vehicle, ensuring that you are confident with your ability before the test.

3 days training with test

A three day course gives a good amount of time to prepare any driver for the test. This suits you if you have limited driving/towing experience or would appreciate more test preparation. The three days will be structured into manageable segments to thoroughly practice the manoeuvres as well as covering sufficient mileage to ensure that you are confident with your towing ability before the test. A three day course is also suitable for training two people at a time, though additional test fee applies.

Add a risk assessment

If you are an organisation looking to send staff for an additional licence category, we could also provide a risk assessment and driver profile at the same time. This will help you comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act as you will have an auditable record of training provided. This can be done without affecting the training provided.