C1 Licence Training Requirements

The one to one C1 training we provide enables drivers to drive vehicles that weigh no more than 7500kg. If a driver needs to drive a vehicle that weighs any greater than 3500kg – they will require a C1 licence. You can gain your C1 licence by successfully enrolling and completing a C1 training program with Pure Driving.

Before 1st January 1997
If you have gained your driving licence before January 1997, you may already have the C1 category on your driving licence, followed by 107. This number is a limit that prevents you from towing anything greater than 750kg. To lift the code and carry greater masses, you will need to take a C1 licence training course and pass the C1+E test.

After 1st January 1997
If you gained your driving licence after January 1997, then you will not have the C1 category listed on the back of your photocard licence. To gain the additional category, you will need to take a C1 test and complete the necessary C1 training. However, you will need to have the category B listed on your driving licence and be over 18 to take the test.

Our C1 Training Courses

Many drivers take one of our C1 training courses to help them progress in their current career or to help them open up new employment opportunities. Here is a small selection of the C1 training course sthat we have available with our RoSPA Gold Member driving instructors.

C1+E Category

A C1+E licence allows you to drive a C1 vehicle with a large trailer (over 750kg), the gross train weight for C1+E is 12 tonnes. However, the trailer when fully loaded cannot exceed the weight of the tow vehicle.

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