B+E Course Content

Our one to one B+E Training allows drivers to gain an additional category on their driving licence and tow vehicles that reach a specific weight limit. All of our training courses start with a brief informal discussion about the B+E test itself.

Once the discussion is complete, one of our DVSA approved driving instructors will teach you how to complete a thorough safety check on the vehicle. This is completed by discussing the vehicle, before showing you how to complete a physical inspection.

For the remainder of the B+E training, our instructor will explain and demonstrate every aspect of the upcoming B+E test. The B+E training course will include all of the following:

  • Discussion on the B+E test
  • Learn how to safely and correctly inspect the vehicle
  • Learn the set reversing manoeuvres
  • Be shown how to safely uncouple and re-couple the trailer(s)
  • Teach you how to drive safely on everyday roads with a trailer

Our B+E Training Courses

Every one of our B+E training courses is completed on a one to one basis by an approved DVSA instructor. With more than 25-years experience and a 92% pass rate – you can be sure that your training will improve your driving and safety on the road.

We have many B+E training courses available. These include courses that can show you how to safely tow a trailer, caravan and horsebox, all completed by a RoSPA gold member training provider.

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