Licence for towing a caravan

Towing a caravan- as fun as it is- cannot be done Scot-free, you will need a licence for towing a caravan, and there are a few guidelines you must follow to finally make use of your caravan and take a nice trip to Oxford or Watford. Why do you need a licence? Well without a

Driving a car with a trailer

There are certain factors that prevent us from driving a car with a trailer, certain factors and how to overcome them will be thoroughly discussed in this article, to give you the know how if or when you want to drive a car with a trailer. Things to put into consideration There are many complexities

How to load a horse into a trailer

Loading a horse into a trailer can be a tricky and time consuming task as even the most reliable of steeds can and will have an off day. When loading any trailer there are rules and guidelines to follow to ensure that it is well balanced and not going to have an excessive effect on

Ambulance drivers receive extra training

Having a role in driver training means that I always feel defensive when I hear or read stories like this, “Ambulance staff given driving refreshers as crashes cost NHS £40k a year“. I have worked with many student and fully trained paramedics over the years and can say without question that the level of driver