Driving With a Trailer in the UK

Trailers can have a variety of meanings, here in the UK, they are referred to as objects that enable you to transfer large or heavy objects without the need for heavy lifting and exertion. However, in the US, trailers are know for being large trucks, that are commonly known in the UK as HGV’s or

New Mobile Phone Laws for ADI’s and Advanced Schools

The use of a mobile phone when driving is now illegal. The UK government recently changed laws to come down harder on those that use a mobile phone when driving. This new law is aimed at reducing the number of casualties and fatalities caused by avoidable road traffic collisions. If you are found guilty of

Educational Minibus Training for Schools and Charities

Bolster staff and instructors knowledge inside schools who drive minibuses. These important employees require minibus driver training that allows them to safely drive D1 vehicles. D1 vehicles include minibuses with 10-seats or more, including the driver’s seat. For the individuals who hold the D1 permit because they have successfully completed their driving test before 1997,

If You Could Make £100 a Day You Would… Right?

“The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing.” Those are the exact words of one of the most successful businesswomen in the world – Carrie Wilkerson and you have to admit, she’s damn right. Let’s just take a look at the numbers. £100 a day is £600 a week if you work

Training for Pulling a Trailer

If you plan to drive a large vehicle that is capable of towing a trailer, before you begin, you will need to complete a series of trailer training lessons and pass a final exam. Failing to do will result in a large fine, points and a potential driving ban which may eventually lead to a

Horsebox Licence Training

To legally transport horses, you will require a driving licence with the relevant category that allows you to tow a trailer with a car, up to 7.5 tonnes or more. To meet these requirements, you will have to complete horsebox licence training for the following: B+E Licence (Car and Trailer Driving Category) C1 Licence (Up

B+E Courses Now Available Nationwide

Never put all of your eggs in one basket. It’s an old saying, but one that has stood the test of time and could not be more accurate. The saying expresses the fear of having all of your ideas and goals in one place at one time. It’s worth considering the larger picture and spreading

Popular Advanced Driving Courses of 2016

Every year, pupils pass their driving tests, and a new driver joins the busy roads throughout the UK. However, there are much older, more experienced drivers that continue their learning and take on new challenges every day when they enrol on an additional driving license category course. As the year is coming to a close,

Towing Safely: Best Practices

Before you tow any vehicle, whether it be a large caravan, trailer or horsebox there are many things that you should do to ensure that both you, your passengers and any pedestrians remain safe. Towing is the process of attaching one particular vehicle to another and transporting it to a new location. Those that tow

Driving Trailers at Christmas

Driving a trailer at the best of times can become challenging, however, doing so in slippery conditions can make that skill even more challenging. We discuss how you should be driving trailers at Christmas and offer a couple of useful tips. When you are driving your trailer, it is worth considering how your driving impacts