Holiday Driving Safety Tips

If you are going abroad this summer to make the most of the school holidays and the glorious weather, there are a number of holiday driving safety tips you should be aware of. Knowing how to drive safely while abroad is essential to making the entire holiday more enjoyable and stress-free, so keep reading to

How To Pass Your Advanced Driving Exam First Time

Whether you are taking a training course to gain an additional category on your licence for work and career purposes, or merely to further a hobby, of course, the aim is to pass your advanced driving exam the first time. Tips To Pass Your Advanced Driving Exam First Time When taking your advanced driving course,

The Best Cars For Towing Trailers

Once you have completed your trailer towing training course and gained the required certifications to get on the roads independently, it’s time to start searching for a towing vehicle. Not only is it important to invest in a high quality, durable trailer, but also a vehicle that is capable of towing your heavy duty trailer

Driving Related Jobs After Advanced Driver Training

When discussing the topic of advanced driver training, there is often a 50/50 split between individuals who opt for booking their chosen course to further a hobby and those who require an additional category to progress in their career. Making the step to facilitate your driving skills can be hugely beneficial and in fact, opens

How To Tow A Trailer Safely

The use of a trailer can prove incredibly beneficial in a number of different situations. Whether you’re setting off on an adventurous holiday and hoping to bring along bicycles, or alternatively, are in the construction industry and have to dispose of old materials once a project is complete; a trailer licence will most definitely come

Fuel Efficiency Tips For Fleet Managers

The fleet market continues to grow in popularity, quickly becoming the biggest sector within the ADI industry. Due to the enhanced safety skills, improved driving confidence and capability to handle trickier situations with ease, over recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of drivers opting to take the course of their

How to Get Your C1 Licence

Unfortunately, you cannot simply start driving a larger vehicle, even with a full UK driving licence, additional training is required. To legally drive a vehicle of 7.5 tonnes, you will need to hold a C1 licence and successfully pass your end-of-course exam. Drivers opt to embark in advanced driver training for many different reasons, most

Benefits Of An Advanced Driver Training Course

Advanced driver training is often a course type that many drivers are aware of. Every day, as a driver, you will pass taxi drivers, drivers towing a trailer or even ambulance drivers without taking into consideration that additional training and exams are required to drive using a second category on your licence legally. There are

Caravan Essentials Checklist

Planning your first caravanning trip is an exciting time, luckily nowadays, holidaymakers are spoilt for choice with the many different campsites to visit both locally and overseas. Although you may be eager to set off, there are key pieces of equipment you must invest into and keep on board to not only guarantee comfort, but

How To Stay Safe On The Roads Over Winter

Knowing how to stay safe on the roads is vital for all drivers, but even more so if your job role is based on driving for the entirety of your day. If you are in a role such as a driving instructor, HGV driver or paramedic, you will know that just because the weather becomes