How To Be A Safe Driver On The Motorway

Driving on the motorway tends to be a task that many of us are not taught, unless you take a pass plus course, it is unlikely that you will have any expert training on motorway use. At some point, as a driver, this is a skill that will need to be conquered and fears will

Family Caravan Sites To Visit This Easter

So you have completed your caravan towing training and now looking forward to making the most out of your new achievement, what is a better excuse than the long Easter weekend ahead? Many different family caravan sites around the UK will be holding special seasonal events to celebrate Easter, the weather is improving, and it

How To Regain Driving Confidence Post Collision

Experiencing and being involved in a collision is an event that we all hope we will never have to be involved in, however sometimes, unfortunately, accidents cannot be both predicted or stopped. It is expected that post collision, your mindset towards driving would have been negatively impacted. Many people suffer from a significant lack of

What To Consider Before Visiting A Horsebox Dealer

Once you have completed your horsebox training and have successfully gained the B+E category on your licence, it is time to start looking into purchasing a horsebox. The first step of the process, before you can visit a horsebox dealer, is to consider exactly what you want from your investment and the type of horsebox

Advantages Of A Black Box For First Time Drivers

Installing a black box in your car is a topic that you regularly hear people talk about when it comes to purchasing your first vehicle and arranging insurance. There are many benefits of a black box for first-time drivers and a whole host of reasons as to why it is recommended to opt for this

Be A Safer Driver With These Ambulance Rules

Stepping into the role of an ambulance driver can mean that you are often faced with stressful situations, there is a lot of pressure on the driver to get to their destination in the quickest time, as safely as possible. Of course, intense training will be required to gain your C1 licence, but similar to

Benefits of Taxi Driver Training

Taking a taxi is something that we all have done before; we rely on taxis for many different reasons. But have you ever considered becoming a taxi driver? People take up the role of a taxi driver for many various reasons; if this is a job opportunity you are considering, take a look at our

10 Tips To Prepare Your Caravan For Winter

As the winter months are getting into full swing, you start to see a long list come together of things that you need to remember to do to prepare yourself for the cold weather. We often hear of different ways that are recommended to keep your vehicle in top condition over the Christmas period, but

Benefits of a Pass Plus Scheme

The relief and satisfaction of finally passing your practical driving test is a massive step in gaining independence. The thought of never having to do another driving lesson again is always a nice thought, but it is true when people say that the hardest part of driving comes when you have passed. When you have

How Can I Safely Tow My Trailer?

The use of a trailer can be beneficial in numerous different situations. Whether you are on holiday with the family and want to bring along your bikes, or if you have a considerable amount of large objects that need to be moved from one location to another, using a trailer is always handy. If it