ADI Check test training with Pure Driving

The old ADI check test was replaced by the standards check on the 7th April 2014.

Naturally, many instructors became worried at the prospect of a new test and there were rumours that the standards check was much harder to pass than the old check test, however this is not true. The check is simply just marked differently.

Why should you be tested again?

After passing your driving instructor tests, bad habits are easily made. The DVSA require driving instructors to deliver driving lessons to their standards.

If you do not teach in the way the DVSA deems appropriate, a high pass rate will not ensure you pass the standards check. Upon passing your Part 3 exam, lesson elements like giving briefings, objectives and recaps are sometimes forgotten to be given to the pupil. This does not necessarily mean you are teaching the pupil badly and the pupil will still probably pass their test, however, the DVSA will believe that the pupil isn’t getting their money’s worth.

Something the Standards Check also looks for is pupil involvement during lessons. This is because it is easy for remedial action and proper analysis to get forgotten about. The DVSA want to see an instructor ask the pupil for feedback during lessons.

Identifying faults in a pupil’s driving is easy. A good driving instructor follows the fault up with analysis and thought provoking questions to develop the pupil’s thinking and to get remedial from their pupil.

No more educational check test

No longer is your first check test ‘educational’, you will receive a grade or fail which will determine whether you should continue as a driving instructor or not. The grading is as follows:

Grade A – Overall, you show a high standard of driving instruction. A minimum of 43 marks is required to be awarded this grade. The maximum mark you can achieve on a standards check is 51.

Grade B – You show a sufficient level of competence within your teaching. 31-42 marks are required to be given this grade.

FAIL – Unsatisfactory driving instruction performance. You will receive a fail if you get below 30 marks.

Standards Check Training

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