Part two ability to drive

Lasting around one hour and consisting of two sections which must both be passed, the ADI Part 2 Ability to Drive exam judges your standard of driving to ensure that you are competent, confident and that your standards are high. You are given three attempts at this test.

Sight Check:

This is the first part of the test. You must read a car registration plate containing both numbers and letters.

The distances you must read the plates from are as follows:

• 26.5m for cars with a new-style registration number plate.

• 27.5m for cars with the old-style registration plate.

You are allowed to use your glasses or contact lenses should you need to. You must pass this initial test in order to continue with the rest of the exam. If you fail the eyesight test, you will fail the whole exam and it will count as one of your 3 attempts.

Vehicle Questions:

Following the eyesight test, you will be asked a number of Show Me, Tell Me Questions. Your examiner will ask you 3 questions where you must show them the answer and 2 questions where you must tell them the answer. Each incorrect answer will mean one minor fault.

Click Here to visit Show Me, Tell Me

Practical Driving:

The actual driving during the test lasts 60 minutes and consists of the following sections:

• Turn in the road.

• Parallel park/ Bay Park.

• Reverse to the right.

• Reverse to the left.

• Emergency stop.

• Independent driving.

This exam is tougher than the learner driving test, over the course of the 60 minute exam, you are only allowed 6 minor faults. Further faults would result in a fail.

During the 60 minute examination, the driving examiner will judge you upon a number of skills:

• Correct control and handling when in the vehicle.

• Awareness of fellow road users and concentration.

• The demonstration of correct following/ stopping distances and the appropriate speed.

• Following road procedure.

• The consideration of other road users and applying safe driving.

• Consistently following the Highway Code and the rules of the road.


Requirements for Part 2 Ability to drive

To take a Part 2 examination, you must have passed the Part 1 theory exam, you will need to bring your certificate to the Part 2 exam.

What you should bring to the ADI Part 2 exam:

• Pass certificate for your ADI Part 1 examination.

• A valid GB or Northern Ireland photocard drivers licence . You will need to bring a passport if you have an older style paper licence.

• A suitable vehicle in which the exam can be taken.


Car on the day of your Part 2

Your car has to be without exception road worthy and legal, we also recommended that you attend the Part 2 test in a tidy and clean vehicle as first impressions count.

The minimum requirements for your vehicle are as follows:

• Valid insurance, tax and an MOT if required.

• Of a road worthy condition. Good tyre depth; clear, unchipped windscreen; lights/ signals in working order etc….

• Only right hand drive.

• Hatchback, saloon and hardtop vehicles are okay. Generally, convertible cars are not allowed.

• Fully adjustable head restraint and front passenger seat.

• L Plates are not required.

• Manual only.

• Normal tyres allowed only.

For the examiners use, you may want to fit another interior mirror which is adjustable. This is not an essential but we do recommend it.