Part One ADI Theory Test

The part one theory test is the first exam you will encounter through your ADI training. It tests your knowledge of road theory to a higher standard than that of a learner driver, it is therefore essential that you revise for and prepare for this test thoroughly.

Similarly to the learner theory test, the part one theory test consists of both multiple choice questions and hazard perception. To pass the exam overall, both of these sections need to be passed, 57/75 for the hazard perception and you must answer 85% of the questions correctly.

beat the black boxThe multiple choice section is split into four categories:

• Road traffic signals and signs.

• Mechanical knowledge and pedestrians.

• Car control.

•  Disability & the law, the driving exam, instructional techniques and publications.

There are 25 questions in each section and to pass, you must answer 20 of those correctly to gain 80%.

Here are some facts about the Part 1 ADI Theory Test :

• You must complete the test within 90 minutes.

• The multiple choice questions examine your awareness of instructional techniques, the Highway Code and the general rules of the road.

• The Hazard Perception section measures the speed at which you can spot upcoming dangers and potential hazards which could develop whilst you are on the road.

• The exam is computerised.

• Before you start the actual test, you can take a trial to become familiar with the exam.

• There are 100 questions to answer in the multiple choice test.

• Like the learner driver hazard perception test, the ADI hazard perception test consists of 14 one minute clips; 13 of the clips include one hazard; 1 of the clips includes two hazards.

• The Hazard Perception exam highlights varied hazards, including, the public, other vehicles and dangerous road conditions.

Part One ADI training with Pure Driving

At Pure Driving, our PDI’s are given all of the resources needed to prepare for and pass the part 1 theory test.

Our training is given on a one-to-one basis. There are some establishments that make their money through using one trainer for 10+ trainees in a classroom. We don’t work that way.

A few essentials for your part one ADI theory exam:

• The right learning materials.

• Self-discipline and commitment.

• Good and correct advice from your trainer.

Our ADI part one training comes free when you start driving instructor training at Pure Driving.