RoSPA training and test is our ultimate training tool, usually a three day course culminating in a test with a RoSPA examiner who will award a gold, silver or bronze standard. The training course will push candidates hard and make life long changes to driving habits by installing a set system of car control. On top of this candidates will be tested on their theory and Roadcraft knowledge, be expected to have good understanding of their car, all of it’s safety systems and driver aids and show a higher than average ability to read the road as it presents itself. The overall aim of the course is to give candidates a wealth of usable knowledge and to use this theory and practical knowledge to make changes that last.

Who is it for?

RoSPA training and test is ideal for professional drivers, those wanting to join the emergency services and drivers of prestige cars. Pure Driving also offer the standard RoSPA training for any driver who would like to improve their driving skills.

How it Works

The RoSPA test is regarded as the highest grade civilian test currently available, as a result the training usually takes place over three days. Candidates will need to be fully versed with Roadcraft (the police drivers handbook), the highway code and all of the UK’s road signs before starting the course. We will then find a test date that suits you and schedule your training around the test, all three days can be taken successively or over an extended period, both have their advantages and which format you choose will be down to your personal preference.

RoSPA Training covers

• Detailed inspection of the use of car controls including preparation; steering; use of clutch, gears, brakes, accelerator and mirrors.

• Driving Performance; application of System; positioning; cornering; reaction to signs.

• General Ability including consideration and restraint; speed; temperament; vehicle sympathy; observation/ hazard awareness; concentration; motorways/ dual carriageways.