Driving Licence Categories

Common Reasons for Additional Licences

With more than 25,000,000 cars registered on the road in the UK, it can be difficult to stand out. Additional driving categories allow passed drivers to obtain additional skills that allow them to explore a number of new opportunities.

People have many reasons to learning to drive with a different sized vehicle. Rarely do people take trailer training courses just to gain an additional category – they almost certainly have a legitimate reason behind it.

The categories that we offer are B+E, C1, C1+E, D1 and D1+E – each of these all provide their own driving benefits.

B+E Category

The most common reason for gaining a B+E licence or trailer licence is to tow trailers and horseboxes legally. These forms of driving lessons are usually completed by self-employed individual or small businesses that work in open spaces and have to transport a high volume of items. Predominantly, this category is completed by those that are heavily involved with equestrian related organisations.

However, it is certainly not limited to horses.

Many caravan owners take a B+E course to enable to drive their own vehicles in the UK and abroad.

C1 & C1+E Category

The C1 course is for larger vehicles, specifically those that weigh in at over 3500kg.

The C1 Training we provide is usually completed by NHS professionals and those that look at becoming an employee for distribution based businesses.

NHS or healthcare workers take our C1 test to gain an ambulance driving licence. Once complete, the licence enables the driver to safely and legally get behind the wheel of registered ambulances and emergency service vehicles.

D1 & D1+E

Again, just like the C1 category – the D1 and D1+E lessons are completed by those that may be looking to open up further career opportunities.

Once passed, the D1 licence allows the driver to safely drive a minibus and can then become significantly more employable to logistics, travel and education organisations.

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