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What is the Best Advanced Driving Course

Naturally you will discover a number of advanced driving courses out there, with all of them providing different pros and cons. In order to find the best advanced driving course, just ask yourself a simple question. What do I need my advanced driving licence for? Answer this question correctly and you will be able to identify the best course for your needs.

Do you need an advanced driving licence for employment purposes or are you looking at trying to reduce your annual insurance premiums? Whatever the answer, there is an advanced driving course available for you, and at a competitive cost.

To help you make the right decision on your advanced driving future, we have dissected the most popular advanced driving courses and discussed the benefits and why you may consider applying for it.

C1 Advanced Driving Course

If you are looking to add an advanced driving licence to your CV in order to find new employment opportunities, the C1 Course in Milton Keynes is perfect and will certainly help you succeed in your new role. The category C1 driving licence allows drivers to get behind the wheel of medium sized vehicles, such as small courier vans. The C1 driving licence is slightly limited though, but remains to allow the holder of the driving licence to drive a vehicle that weighs between 3,500kg and 7,500kg. In addition the extra weight allowance, the driver is also allowed to tow a trailer that weighs in at no greater than 750kg.

B+E Advanced Driving Course

B+E driving licences are usually held by those that complete a lot of trailer transportation through-out the year. Unlike the C1 course, the B+E category licence allows you to tow a horsebox, caravan, boat, digger, food vans and more. Just like the C1 course, there are limitations that are in place. Those with a B+E licence can drive a vehicle with a maximum authorised mass of 3,500kg with a trailer. However, the trailer size varies, and depend on whether you have passed the test or not. If you have passed your B+E test before 19 January 2013, you are able to tow any size trailer with your vehicle. However, if you have passed the test on or after 19 January 2013, you are limited to tow a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of up to 3,500kg.

D1 Minibus Driving Licence

Again, this licence is perfect for those that are looking at gaining an additional licence for employment purposes or occasional transportation requirements. The D1 driving licence allows the holder to drive minibuses and minivans that contain no more than 16 passengers. Unfortunately, the vehicles itself cannot be any longer than 8 meters in length. The D1 licence also allows you to carry a trailer weighing no more than 750kg.

Ensuring that you gain the correct licence for your needs is very important. Take a look into each industry and research the requirements of roles and transportation positions carefully. Simply assuming that a standard licence will be acceptable is extremely naïve and should not be ignored.

We hope that the above information has been able to help you make a decision on what the best driving course is for, as each of them are unique and provide different uses. If you require any additional information, please contact us where a member of our team will be more than happy to help you in any way they can.

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