3 Benefits of Advanced Driving Licenses

Some people believe that advanced driving courses are in place so driving schools can make a little extra cash once you pass your driving test. That is simply not the case. There are many reasons for pupils to progress from a standard driving license and this article will discuss the 3 benefits of advanced driving licenses.

Of course, there are more than three reasons to take an advanced driving course. However, we have highlighted, what we believe is the three most important.

Increased Job Opportunities

Absolutely. Complete an advanced driving course and you can open up a whole load of employment opportunities for yourself.

Most trucking and transportation positions require an advanced driving license as standard.

Pure offers a selection of B+E Driver Training Courses and C1 Training Courses through-out the UK and the South-East.

The B+E training course, once completed allows you to drive horseboxes, caravans, diggers, mobile food vans and more. Whereas the C1 license enables drivers to use vehicles with a MAM or Maximum Authorised Mass in excess of 3500kg.

Decreased Insurance Premiums

Young drivers especially are always looking at ways of decreasing their first year’s insurance premiums. Well, we have good news! There is a way.

Most insurance agencies, not all of them will usually offer a discount for new drivers that have competed a Pass Plus Driving Course.

The course is aimed at developing a new driver’s road awareness and driving ability shortly after passing their driving test. The insurance agencies see a successful pass plus driver as a safer driver than most and often provide them with a discount on their car insurance.

Save Money on UK Holidays

With a B+E License, drivers are allowed to tow trailers and caravans. This automatically increases the chances of holidays right here in the UK. The ability to drive your own caravan to a holiday park on the Cornish coastline is always an attractive offer.

You can even look at taking your trailer abroad to popular tourist destinations within Europe.

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