Best cars for towing

What Car have released their new top honours list for best tow car which as always is a really useful guide to a cars capability, and as they go to the trouble of testing each car with different size trailers then you great advice on which car performs best at the weight limit you need.

If your are setting off to buy your first tow car then here are some points to consider.

  • Does the vehicle you have in mind have a high enough towing capacity?
  • Do you have the correct driving licence for vehicle and trailer combination you intend to use?
  • Do you need to buy the biggest vehicle you can get your hands on? Standard rules apply, the bigger the car the higher the running costs and there are plenty of smaller cars that are capable tow cars.
  • Will you be happy driving the car when you are not towing? Its unlikely that you will tow frequently unless you are using the vehicle for work. Personal preference will pay a big part in your choice so make sure you match your tow car to a style of vehicle that you are comfortable with.
  • Have you checked how much a tow bar fitting will be and if the vehicle you are looking at has a standardised aftermarket fit available?
  • If you are towing a tourer/ caravan how much load space will you need in your car? Smaller tourers will have less space for storage, so an estate vehicle could help spread the weight and keep your vehicle within its legal weight limits.

When you have settled on your perfect match, you will then have to make a few final decisions, whether to chose an automatic or manual with two wheel or four wheel drive.  As always there are pro’s and con’s for each but with recent developments in technology automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly popular, many have 7 gears which select quickly to the optimal gear, especially when using sport mode; hill starts are easier and there is no risk of burning out your clutch; towing in heavy traffic is always labour intensive with a manual so an auto is a great help here too.  The con’s are some people feel that they have less vehicle control; older systems will use more fuel; repair costs can be higher.  The decision on all wheel drive really comes down to the obvious “how much will I need to tow off road”.

For more information on vehicle weigh limits and whether or not you will need to take a test then check out our B+E course options and licensing information page, you can find it under services we offer/ category types/ B+E.  Also have a read of the What Car article featured below.

Choosing the best car for towing a trailer or caravan is hard because the first chance most people get to see if their car is any good with a load on the back is after they’ve bought it. That’s is why  is involved with The Tow Car Awards. What Car – Best cars for towing?

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