A Gentle Reminder for School Minibus Drivers

As recently as yesterday – local schools in Northern Ireland received a stern warning over potential repercussions behind driving school vehicles without the correct driving licence or category. Many schools in the UK have their own means of transportation for school or educational events. These could include school field trips, sports days and inter school

How Do You Become an Ambulance Driver?

To become a qualified ambulance driver in the UK, you must first pass the necessary driving tests in order to drive a vehicle that is greater than 3500kg in addition to the academic qualifications that a paramedic requires. To take your first steps in becoming a qualified paramedic you must first register with the HCPC

Driving With a Trailer in the UK

Trailers can have a variety of meanings, here in the UK, they are referred to as objects that enable you to transfer large or heavy objects without the need for heavy lifting and exertion. However, in the US, trailers are know for being large trucks, that are commonly known in the UK as HGV’s or